Braving The Elements

Presenting our latest creation – a stunning 22-foot sport deck designed for ultimate adventure. While equipped with features like ski towers, convenient cooler locations, ladders, and other comforts that make it a superb summer craft, we decided to put it to the test on one of the coldest days of the year – and it proved to be surprisingly warm!

This Southwind model is not just a fair-weather vessel; it’s crafted for year-round enjoyment. The ride comfort is unparalleled, thanks to a powerful motor and a hull reminiscent of a warship, effortlessly cutting through choppy waters. As the sun began to set, the wrap-around glass enclosure and a sleek built-in wind blocker ensured a cozy environment, reducing cold from the front.

At 20 knots, the two captain’s chairs provided optimal comfort, complemented by a fully enclosed headroom with optional amenities like a head, mirror, towel holders, and a port window for ventilation or scenic views. The upholstery on this build is a standout feature, with diamond stitching adding a touch of luxury that complements the custom glasswork.

This particular build impresses not just with its functionality but also with its aesthetic details. The diamond stitch upholstery elevates the overall high-end look, already accentuated by the custom glasswork. We can’t wait to see this versatile vessel in action, ready to tackle any adventure that comes its way!